Industrial Machinery


We are prepared to bid and offer bulk-purchase of used industrial machinery and plant for recycling to our customers in the pre-owned market sector. We also have potential oversea customers for such business all over the world.


On a project basis, we can provide logistic support and manpower to do relocation of factory, materials and equipment.


Our main business combines both new and pre-owned industrial machinery. Our prices remain competitive and we are blessed with recurrent referrals and repeat buyers. With our almost 30 years in the industrial equipment business, the reputation and integrity of our company is well known.


We have an experienced team of service personnel to cater to do diagnostic repair, commissioning, and after-sales-warranty. Fast moving turnover spare parts are stocked up to provide immediate and urgent replacements. We provide in-house and on-site repair and servicing.


We can provide ad-hoc, short-term and long-term storage facility at our warehouse. We have manpower to do loading and unloading of goods to be stored in our premises.


Our own in-house transportation team have two lorries with mounted cranes. We can accept orders for stuffing and unloading of shipping containers, shifting and moving of industrial machinery, assembling and dismantling of equipment, shipping as well as general transportation.